Give your holiday reading list a kick in the teeth!

You can now get the first three Brick Ransom books in one low-priced bundle.

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On/Off: New/Improved

My first novel has just been rereleased in a new and improved second edition, with revised text, a new layout, and the coolest cover I’ve seen since Bloody Pulp. I hope you check it out!

You can get the paperback for $14.00

and the Kindle for $2.99


"Bloody Pulp: A Brick Ransom Adventure" is available everywhere!

“Bloody Pulp” is now available wherever books are sold!

Seattleites, Elliott Bay Book Company has paperback copies of all three Brick Ransom books in stock now. Santoro’s Books in Phinney Ridge is also carrying copies of “Bloody Pulp.”

You can order the book through Amazon, or special order it through your local bookstore.

The Kindle edition is available for $2.99

The paperback is $9.95 on Amazon

Bloody Pulp - November 13th!

The next Brick Ransom adventure — Bloody Pulp — will be available everywhere November 13th. Whats it about? Here’s the synopsis:

Two shots on a snowy Seattle street, and a once-bestselling mystery writer lies dead. When rookie detective Brick Ransom is assigned to the case, the trail quickly leads to an up-and-coming hard-boiled mystery writer, his publisher, and a number of Seattle notables. It seems the publishing business really is murder. But who did it? And why? And when the murders keep happening, who will be next?

Bloody Pulp is bloody good fun, with all of the humor, suspense, and over-the-top action Brick Ransom fans have come to crave!

5th book in the can. 6th book in the works. 4th book on the way!

I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I promise, that’s just because I’ve been busy. Much as I’d like to be lounging, I’m trying to get as much writing done as possible right now.

You see… my wife and I are having our first child any day now. I imagine I won’t be able to do much writing for a while, so I’m hoping to have several projects waiting in the wings that I can continuing honing between changing diapers and warming bottles. (Or whatever a new parent does! I have no idea what to expect!)

Exciting times, but I also want to be sure I can keep releasing at least one book a year! Aiming for two.

Which brings me to Bloody Pulp. It’s done. Has been done for a while actually. Finalizing the cover art now. You should be seeing more announcements on this blog from now through the New Year. Keep your eyes peeled, I can’t wait for you guys to read this one!

Brick Ransom will be back very, very soon!

Bloody Pulp - Fall 2012

I have finished the next Brick Ransom adventure! The manuscript will be with my editor as of Friday. Watch for BLOODY PULP in the fall. I think you’re really gonna like this one!

Just started work on my 6th book: White Russian. Watch for that in the Winter, probably around February 2013!

Rough Draft Done!

Just finished the rough draft of the next Brick Ransom novel! Now I’ll be revising it through the end of June. Working on this one at a faster clip than usual, which I think has actually helped it quite a bit. Hope everyone likes it. I’m aiming to release it in November.

After the current Brick Ransom adventure is done, I’m gonna spend the rest of the summer working on book 5, which might be a bit of a departure. Going back to a plot I first tackled in 1999. Came up with the perfect twist to bring it up to 2012 and really pull the finale together perfectly. I think it should be a lot of fun.

I’ll keep you posted. For now, I’ll leave you with the title for Brick Ransom Book 3: